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Carmel’s Chaerobics was developed to inspire movement, no matter what level of fitness you have. Blending fitness, health and education, Carmel’s Chaerobics will get you singing, laughing and most importantly, moving.

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Our Chaerobics Programme Includes:

  • Experienced and qualified Instructors
  • Tailored exercises for all ages
  • Adapted exercises for older adults, people with injuries and people with limited abilities.
  • Videos that are easy to follow
  • Powerful core principles of Sing, Laugh, Move

Our Story

Carmel’s Chaerobics was founded from a passion to help those who struggle with movement to find a fitness programme that works for them. With a background in healthcare and fitness, Carmel blended the two to design a revolutionary low impact exercise programme that would help the older adult, those with injuries or limited movement, or those who wanted gentle exercise and a bit of fun. The three core principles of our classes are: Sing, Laugh, Move. Combined they create a unique class filled with favourite songs, laughter, rhythm and healthy exercises.

At Carmel’s Chaerobics, fully qualified instructors strive to arm participants with knowledge and tips to help improve and maintain their health and fitness: physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Featured Programmes

Thanks to Covid-19, we’ve had to adapt our Chaerobics classes. Where once we would have held our classes in full halls or gyms, now we’ve tailored our classes so that members can access our various videos and programmes online. Anytime, Anywhere. Still the same music, movement and laughter, but in the comfort of your own home.

Our featured programmes include Chaerobics and Chair Circuits. Choose your level from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Music plays an important role in our classes. Music energises, it encourages us to sing and it brings back memories. Our classes are usually filled with the sound of voices singing and people moving together.


The best thing about our classes is that no one takes themselves too seriously. When the music starts playing and the feet start tapping, it’s hard not to have a laugh.


At Carmel’s Chaerobics each class incorporates: strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and coordination in enjoyable exercises for all levels of fitness and physical ability.


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