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Carmel’s Chaerobics was founded from a passion to help those who struggle with movement to find a fitness programme that works for them. All you need is a chair and our videos.

There are three core principles of our classes: Sing, Laugh, Move. Using music, laughter and movement, we combine them to create a unique class filled with favourite songs and healthy exercises.

The last few years haven’t been easy for anyone, thanks to Covid-19, we’ve had to adapt our Chaerobics classes. Where once we would have held our classes in full halls or gyms, now we’ve tailored our classes so that members can access our various videos and programmes online. You can sign up for Chaerobics or Chair Circuits, or why not both!


I arrive at every class with just myself and my music. It’s the people in the class that make each class so unique. Once the music starts everyone begins to sing and follow my moves. We all laugh at ourselves when our  co-ordination, or just our bodies don’t move the way we want them to.

Together, we have so much fun that people don’t realise the amazing physical workout they are doing. The positive impact these classes have for older adults can be seen in their stories that they tell me. That they could once again carry out everyday tasks, which they had been unable to do. Or that their balance had improved or they no longer need their painkillers.

So, this is what I love to do every day, I watch people of all ages have fun, laugh, sing, and make moves like they never believed they could. My classes aim to empower people to live independently.

My motto is, “if it moves, move it!”

From Carmel x

Carmel’s Chaerobics was founded in 2014 by Carmel who has 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry which includes gym management, one to one personal training, designing and instructing a variety of group exercise classes.

In addition, Carmel has over 30 years’ experience working in numerous social care settings caring for adults with disabilities to children with special needs in classroom settings.

Her qualifications include: B.A. Applied Social Studies in Social Care; H.N.D. Health and Social Care; N.Q.E. Exercise, Health studies and Personal Training; N.Q.E. Exercise and the Older Adult; N.Q.E. Step Aerobics; CACHE Certificate for Teaching Assistants.

Carmel’s Chaerobics

One of our main roles here at Castleknock Community Centre is to reach out to the more vulnerable members of our Community which for us is our Senior residents.

We are therefore delighted to facilitate ‘Carmel’s Chaerobics’ which has become a wonderful addition to our Centre and a huge hit with our Seniors.

Lisa runs a warm and encouraging class which has proven to not only aid our Senior’s active health but has also become an integral part of their weekly social interactions.

Catherine Coady

Manager, Castleknock Community Centre Laurel Lodge

Carmel has proved to be a real asset to Meath Local Sports Partnership programmes for older people. She continually rolls out successful Mature Movers programmes around County Meath. Carmel’s experience, knowledge and skill set has been a major factor in the successful project Active Minds for people with early onset Dementia.

Ruairi Murphy

Sports Development Officer, Meath Local Sports Partnership

We at Kilcloon ICA have been doing Carmel’s Chaerobics for over 4 years. The variety of exercise moves suit all the different age groups.

Apart from the exercise there is a great element of fun and we love singing along to the songs. Carmel and Lisa really provide a very special form of exercise and even though they haven’t been able to do classes in person since lockdown they still make sure we get it in by doing it online.

It is a testament to their commitment to everyone who goes to their classes. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Keep up the good work and your fantastic sense of humour.


Kilcloon ICA


Q. I have Arthritis & suffer with pain in my joints, will exercise hurt me?

A. When you suffer from joint pain, regular daily exercises are the key to reducing pain and stiffness.

Always warm up your joints before exercising. Then exercise using pain free range of movement exercises. 15/20 minutes every day rather than 60 minutes once a week is more beneficial for joint pain relief.

Q. I’m in my late 70’s, I've never really exercised, is it too late to start?

A. It is never too late to start exercising and reaping the benefits! Studies show, even people in their nineties living in nursing homes, starting an exercise routine can boost muscle strength.

Starting exercise late in life can improve and reduce the risk of health problems, such as diabetes.

Q. I am not overweight. Why should I exercise?

A. Regular exercise is the key to maintaining good health even if you are a healthy weight. Studies show that whether your overweight or thin, being physically fit reduces your risk of developing serious health conditions including diabetes and heart disease. What better reason to exercise?!

Q. Do I need special clothing and equipment?

A. No, you can exercise safely and effectively wearing comfortable shoes, loose-fitting clothing and using a chair.

Strength training can be achieved using readily available equipment such as tension balls, plastic water bottles, and a stretchy scarf.

Q. I have several medical conditions, is it safe for me to exercise?

A. Consult with your health care provider before starting any exercise program. Ask which exercises are beneficial and safe for you and what to avoid.

Regular exercise can help speed up the recovery process of serious illnesses, including heart attack, stroke, and joint-replacement surgery.

Your Doctor will advise you about precautions you should take.

Q. How much exercise is enough?

A. Begin with whatever you can manage, then gradually work up to 20/30 minutes a day of cardiovascular/aerobic exercise most days of the week.

You should notice a difference in how you feel within 6-8 weeks. It's more beneficial to exercise for shorter periods daily, than to exercise for longer periods once a week.

Muscle-strengthening exercises should be performed about twice weekly with at least 24 hours in between sessions.

Q. How often can Chair Circuits be completed in a week?

A. It's recommended to complete at a maximum 3 Chair Circuit classes per week.

For successful circuit training you must include an active rest day i.e. Circuits Monday, active rest day Tuesday, Circuits Wednesday and so on..

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