“One of our main roles here at Castleknock Community Centre is to reach out to the more vulnerable members of our Community which for us is our Senior residents.

We are therefore delighted to facilitate ‘Carmel’s Chaerobics’ which has become a wonderful addition to our Centre and a huge hit with our Seniors.

Lisa runs a warm and encouraging class which has proven to not only aid our Senior’s active health but has also become an integral part of their weekly social interactions.”

Catherine Coady

Manager, Castleknock Community Centre Laurel Lodge

“You know it hit me, it’s not just about the physical exercise but it’s the social side of it. You can hear the noise from the parish centre it’s an amazing swell of positivity, good craic, excitement, everybody’s having a good time and look, isn’t that what it’s all about.”

Peter Dunne


“I have been following the Chaerobics class online, I find it a great motivator to keep me moving and I enjoy the music and the craic. It has been an invaluable crutch for me as I live alone and I find the exercise helps me to plan and think in this Pandemic. I would certainly advise anybody who finds they are sitting down a lot now to join up and keep moving.”


Lucan Golf Club Ladies Member

“We at Kilcloon ICA have been doing Carmel’s Chaerobics for over 4 years. The variety of exercise moves suit all the different age groups. Apart from the exercise there is a great element of fun and we love singing along to the songs. Carmel and Lisa really provide a very special form of exercise and even though they haven’t been able to do classes in person since lockdown they still make sure we get it in by doing it online. It is a testament to their commitment to everyone who goes to their classes. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Keep up the good work and your fantastic sense of humour.”


Kilcloon ICA

“Carmel has proved to be a real asset to Meath Local Sports Partnership programmes for older people. She continually rolls out successful Mature Movers programmes around County Meath. Carmel’s experience, knowledge and skill set has been a major factor in the successful project Active Minds for people with early onset Dementia.”

Ruairi Murphy

Sports Development Officer , Meath Local Sports Partnership

“The members here at Lucan Golf Club who take part in the online Chaerobics class via social media really enjoy it for the workout, the Craic & the Music, everyone loved it when they could go in the next day & do the class again. They all felt a great benefit health wise & will be looking forward to getting onto your website & telling their friends about the classes as it seems many of their friends do not use social media.

For me I look forward to the class every week, it certainly helps to keep me fit & joining in the Craic, it makes my day.”


Lucan Golf Club Ladies Member

“You can do the class at your own pace, nice bit of fun and music, it’s good for flexibility it keeps you loosened up. Altogether generally a good work over.

There’s a real sense of belonging.


Mature Movers Member

“I just want to say thanks for the wonderful job you are doing with the online classes, I love them. I look forward to doing my exercises on a regular basis, they keep me moving. The length of the class is perfect, easy to follow and very clear. Please God we will get back to classes in our parish hall soon.”

Breed Neylon

Mature Movers Member

“Having enjoyed a short introduction to Chair Aerobics with Carmel, we invited her to do a monthly class with Castleknock Active Retirement.  All the members loved it from the very first class and proof of this was that attendance on those days was almost double that of a normal day. Soon members were asking to have a class twice monthly and this was about to happen when COVID-19 arrived.

Joan Greene

Castleknock Active Retirement

“Really lifts me every week and I wouldn’t miss it for the world”.

“The singing and the exercise together is just really enjoyable.”

“Absolutely, so enjoyable, superb way to keep fit its great fun.”

“It’s kinda good for the body and soul for our physical and mental health”

“The friendship, the music, there’s a real feel good factor here”

“It gets you out there to meet people and that’s the important thing apart from the fitness itself”.

Various Participants

Kilcloon ICA Members

“I lam doing strengthening exercise with Carmel for over a year now. I have osteoporosis in my back. I got my Dexa scan results back recently and it has improved, I put that down to Chair Circuit training with Carmel.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Carmels exercises”

Eileen Tier

Ashbourne Mature Movers Participant & Online Subscriber since March 2021

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